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Kashida Design

Dubai Culture VIP Gift

For Ramadan, Dubai Culture requested a unique gift for its VIP list of recipients. Inspired directly by the values of the holy month of Ramadan, this luxury gift set consisted of four components that could be used individually throughout the year. The set of 6 coasters read 'Al Rahma' (mercy), 'Al Salam' (peace), and 'Al Saada' (happiness). The triangular keepsake box was filled with premium stuffed dates and is beautifully adorned with the words 'Al Rahma' (mercy), 'Al Ataa' (giving), and 'Al Salam' (peace). The candleholder reads 'Allah Nur al Samawat wal Ard' (Allah is the light of the skies and land). The gift items are packaged elegantly in the walnut box adorned with calligraphic brass inlay that read 'Bismillah Al Rahman al Rahim'. The sponge foam inlay that brings all elements together is easily removable, so the box becomes a beautiful storage box used year-round.


W 42 x L 27 x H 12 cm


Walnut veneered wood with brass inlay